We all need to study the Bible.  This Bible reading plan from Bible Project will help you read through the Bible in a year, and it includes video links and blogs to guide you along your journey through Scripture!

It is so important for followers of Christ to know their spiritual gifts.  Please feel free to carefully complete this assessment and turn in the answer sheet to Pastor Michael.  He will be happy to go over it with you!

We are always looking for ways to serve you as you live out your faith.  You are invited to have a FREE account to rightnowmedia, an online Christian video library.  You will have instant unlimited access to thousands of great videos for kids, students, young adults, parents, married couples, singles, teenagers, and more.  Just click the link below to get started!

With, you have access to more than 1,200 Bible versions in over 900 languages on your computer, phone, or tablet, with many available as audio Bibles.  Highlight or Bookmark your favorite verses, make Verse Images that you can share, and attach public or private Notes to Bible passages.  The Bible App is completely free, with no advertising and no in-app purchases.

If you would like a list of available community resources that can be found in our area, please click the link below.  This PDF document includes contact information, addresses, hours, and more!